Decorative and Minimalist Lighting Trends Will Dominate 2017


Interior lighting design and architecture are trending toward minimalist simplicity and modern streamlining.  In 2017, it’s clear that lighting trends are headed toward a more ‘back to basics’ approach.

In commercial spaces such as restaurants, bars and cafés, minimalist lighting works very well.  The goal within these types of spaces is to create a comfortable environment where people want to stay and socialize.  With the focus of the interior space on luminescence, color, and setting, the mood automatically becomes more cozy, warm, friendly, and conversational.  That’s in sharp contrast to the big chandelier and chunky wall sconce décor of the past that often cluttered and over-crowded community spaces.

Aiding in this new trend are the multiple decorative LED options that are available. ZLedLighting’s Decorative LED Lamps are a perfect fit for today’s modern, minimalist fixtures.

For example, our Edison, Candelabra, and various other LED decorative lights fit right into conventional light bulb fixtures, turning a conventional fixture into a warmer, brighter (or more colorful) LED fixture.

Our flexible line LED products, such as our Line Flex and Tape Light, create instant ambiance and can fit into flat, flexible spaces, unlike those of conventional light bulbs which are limited. 

Not to mention, LED offers a variety of RGB (color changing options) which always warms up a room and creates a pleasant atmosphere. And in addition to greater ambiance, our LED decorative lamps use efficient, green technology, and are far more cost effective and easy to manage in the long term.

ZLedLighting’s decorative lighting solutions are driving the market forward with their amazing lifetimes, low energy consumption, and quality of light, providing businesses the opportunity to retrofit or upgrade their existing fixtures to LED, improve their bottom line, AND add to their overall aesthetic.

ZLedLighting is a manufacturer of innovative and energy efficient LED lighting fixtures and retrofit products. Since 2009, ZLedLighting has been developing creative lighting solutions and we are located right in Cherry Hill NJ. We can be reached at 800-679-9243 or by visiting A ZLedLighting lighting design specialist will be happy to come out to your facility and help you and your staff with any LED lighting or retrofit questions you may have.