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Learn all about ZLED-Lighting’s products, milestones, live presentations, and much more in this online video library!

The Benefits of Retrofitting by ZLedLighting

Live at the NECA 2018 Convention in Philadelphia, PA. Ross Greenberg, president of ZLedLighting discusses the crucial process & benefits of LED Retrofitting.

Magnilumen Installation

The ease-of-Installation for this magnetic retrofit kit! Standard with LED board light diffusers, and a driver with 0-10V dimming capability.

Tired of clunky, old retrofits?

That’s why we developed Magnilumen. Watch this 1 minute video to see why this product is quickly becoming the number one retrofit choice for electricians and distributors.

HID Retrofit Kit Installation

The perfect solution for an LED retrofit of shoeboxes, streetlights, floodlights, wall packs, high bays and canopies.

Line Flex Customizations

Watch and see how easy it is to customize our popular Line Flex product so it’s the perfect length for your project.