120 VAC Line Flex

Warm up a room or create the perfect accent lighting with our versatile and customizable Line Flex Product.

LED Line Flex

Bar Cove Lighting

Bar Cove Lighting
LED Line Flex

Cozy Bathroom Lighting

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

Ideal for:

Kitchens, showrooms, outdoor applications, bar cove lighting, walls, walkways, tent lighting, and custom projects.


  • Rated up to 50,000 hours
  • 73.15 lumens per foot (standard)
  • 220 lumens per foot (extra bright & RGB)
  • Standard max. length: 328ft
  • Extra bright & RGB max. length: 168ft

Colored Accent Lighting

Bookcase and Colored Accent Lighting




Controller Accessory for LED Line Flex

Power Cord

Power Supply for LED Line Flex


Pin Connectors for LED Line Flex


Couplings for LED Line Flex

End Caps

End Caps for LED Line Flex


Mounting Clips for LED Line Flex