Our Commitment to Service Excellence


In today’s market, businesses are always competing to set themselves apart.  It’s hard to do in a marketplace that is dense with competition. There are a lot of companies offering LED products, and the variations of products are increasing exponentially.  A customer thinking about LED’s has an incredible range of products and suppliers to consider. It can be overwhelming for anyone thinking about LED products.

But in our case, the success of ZLedLighting is important to every employee here because of our unwavering commitment to excellent service. When a customer calls us, we have the flexibility and incentive to provide them with world class customer service.  There are no restrictive corporate policies that limit the customer service we can provide.  There is no 9 to 5, no ‘let me check with my supervisor,’ no ‘sorry there isn’t anything I can do.’ Our drive for excellence pushes us to do more, go the extra mile, and do all we can to ensure that our customers have an outstanding experience EACH TIME they do business with us.

We look out for your bottom line too. Our employees don’t have quotas to meet.  They aren’t rushing through a sale because they have to hunt down the next one.  When a customer presents a problem, we look for creative solutions to meet their needs in the most cost effective way. Sometimes using existing fixtures with retrofit kits can save you money. Sometimes you can replace two energy consuming lamps with one high efficiency lamp. Where many companies would just sell you replacement lights, we provide lighting solutions.

When a new Audi car dealership asked us to give them a quote for new lighting, we could have just added up the numbers and gave them a price, but that’s not how ZLedLighting serves its customers. Instead, we looked at what Audi corporate required, what their needs were, evaluated the aesthetics of their facility, and gave them money saving LED lighting solutions across the board.  The end result was a lighting retrofit project that not only looked amazing, but increased their energy efficiency and came in far under their initial budget.

At ZLedLighting, we measure our successes like that, and not on how many lamps we sold that day.  We want to provide complete lighting solutions AND outstanding customer service.  All the time, everytime.