Pay For Your LED Retrofit with Rebates (yes, it’s possible)!


The cost of maintaining your existing fluorescent and incandescent fixtures will only continue to increase as the cost of electricity increases.  But if you’re able to decrease your kWh electricity consumption, naturally your costs will decrease too.  So how can you manage to decrease your kWh consumption without eliminating any of your existing light fixtures or turning your lights off for days at a time?

You retrofit your existing fixtures to LED.

LEDs use less wattage.  For example, if you have a fixture with four T8 lamps that typically consumes 129 watts of electricity, you can retrofit it with our Magnilumen Fluorescent Retrofit Kit.  Magnilumen will not only produce more light, but will also use only 40 watts of electricity.  You’d be saving 89 watts PER FIXTURE.  So if your electric bill is $4000 a month, you’d save $2,760 of that by retrofitting with our Magnilumen Kit.  Not only that, but LED lights much more efficiently and cleaner than incandescent or fluorescent lights, so you’d reap those benefits too.

So how can you afford to retrofit your facility?

For starters, your local utility company will grant you energy savings rebates of approximately $10 to $20 per fixture, depending on the state in which you reside.

So if you had 100 fixtures, and received a $10 utility rebate for each one, you’d receive $1,000 to cover costs just in rebate money.

Now if you add the $2,760 monthly savings you’d get by converting over to LED and multiply it by 12 months, you’ll realize an additional savings of $33,120!  That is money you would have spent in electricity (kWh) costs anyway if you hadn’t converted to LED, so why not invest it in a retrofit that will pay for itself, and continue to provide savings year after year in electricity costs?

To give you more perspective on those figures, if your business has typical 9 FT ceilings and uses non-union labor at at average rate of $100 per hour, it would take 25 hours to install 100 Magnilumen Fluorescent Retrofit Kits (they install in under 15 minutes per kit and use your existing fixtures, so there’s no mess or additional construction to manage).  Your installation costs would be $2,500. The cost of the kits would be about $6000, bringing your total investment to $8,500.

Your $8,500 investment would generate $34,120 in savings in one year, which means you would get all the money you spent on retrofitting back in about four months!

Can you afford to NOT make this investment?