Celebrate Cut Your Energy Costs Day by Retrofitting with LED (hint: you’ve already paid for it)


Cut Your Energy Costs Day is your opportunity to take a look at your business and find ways of reducing your energy use and costs. Electric bills are some of the most expensive bills we pay, so if you’re trying to make your year a LOT more tolerable in the costs department for years to come, then Cut Your Energy Costs Day is a great place to start.

You see, the cost of maintaining your existing fluorescent and incandescent fixtures will only continue to increase as the cost of electricity increases. But if you’re able to decrease your kWH consumption, naturally your electricity costs will decrease too. So how do you do that without eliminating any of your existing fixtures, or resorting to running your business in the dark?

You retrofit your existing fixtures to LED.

LED lamps use less wattage. You get the same amount – if not more – light output, but with less energy consumption and less electricity cost. LED lights have a longer lifespan, too, so you’ll save in maintenance costs as well.

For example, if you have a typical fluorescent troffer with 4 T8 lamps, it’s using approximately 129 watts of energy. If you replace it with one of our popular retrofit products, it will reduce the watt expenditure to 40 watts with equal or greater light output. That’s an 89 watt reduction PER FIXTURE. So if your electric bill is $4000 per month, you’d save approximately $2,760 per month if you converted them all to LED because of the reduction in wattage used. It’s as simple as that.

So how can you afford to retrofit your facility?

For starters, your local utility company will grant you energy savings rebates of approximately $10 – $20 per fixture, depending on your state. So if you have 100 fixtures and receive a $10 rebate for each one, you’d receive $1000 to cover costs just in rebate money alone!

Think about it. Using the example above, if you’re already paying $4,000 a month in electricity bills and don’t convert to LED, you’re stuck with that cost every month, year after year (and it will only go up as the cost of kWh’s increase). But if you choose to invest in a retrofit, you’ll permanently reduce your energy costs, because less energy is used overall. If you take the proposed rebate of $1,000 and add it to the $2,760 per month savings you’ll get by converting to LED, then multiply it by 12 months, it’s a cumulative savings of over $45,000! In one year. That is money you would have spent in electricity costs if you hadn’t converted to LED. So while there will be costs associated with retrofitting, the ROI is so good that you can’t afford NOT to do it. It will pay for itself and continue to provide savings year after year in electricity costs.

So the best way to celebrate Cut Your Energy Costs Day is to have your business evaluated by one of our Retrofit Specialists here at ZLedLighting. We’re happy to provide retrofit and ROI consultations, so contact us or call us today at 1-800-679-9243.