ZLED Gives Back


Energy Efficient West Virginia member, ZLedLighting, donates $4,000 in LED lighting to Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College

Gift saves money and improves energy efficiency at Moorefield Campus

CHARLESTON, WV (2/20/18) – Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College in Moorefield expects to reduce utility consumption by 40%, thanks to a donation of LED bulbs from ZLedLighting, a member of Energy Efficient West Virginia.

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College (EWVCTC) recently installed the quad-pin LED bulbs designed specifically for a type of fixture commonly found in schools, hotels, and office buildings. “By replacing the 32-watt inefficient, mercury-filled fluorescent bulb with a more attractive 14-watt LED, Eastern should see its electricity by almost half,” said Xavier Walter, Outreach and Development Director of Energy Efficient West Virginia (EEWV). Walter helped facilitate the donation from ZLedLighting, based in Mount Laurel, NJ.

This upgrade equates to a savings of $7 per bulb. Each bulb’s average expected life span is over 10 years. EWVCTC will save $1,400 annually with the donation of the 200 bulbs.

“We want Eastern to be a model of efficiency and sustainability in Appalachia,” Says Dr. Charles Terrell, Dean of the College. “We are currently changing every bulb in our facilities to LED because it is the least expensive measure with fastest return on investment. Our plans include solar parking canopies and enhanced solar-powered street lighting around our campus.”

Projects such as the upgrade at EWVCTC fulfills EEWV’s mission to promote energy efficiency among residential, commercial, and industrial customers. “EEWV is committed to helping buildings across the state lower utility consumption while improving the appearance, air quality, and durability,” said Executive Director Emmett Pepper. “Our members support our mission and work with us to find ways to make a difference. We are very thankful to ZLED for giving us this generous gift that we can put into use immediately to save energy dollars and help West Virginia.”

Eastern WV Community and Technical college prides itself on being a leader of sustainability in its community.  With the primary goal of helping reinforce the job market Eastern offers an array of curriculums.

The replacement of over 200 8-foot fluorescent tube fixtures with new Magnilumen retrofit kits reduced energy consumption by more than $4,800 per year and transformed the look of the building. The enhanced lighting enables students to see their work better. The eliminated maintenance costs – reduced need for constant bulb and ballast changes – puts more money back into budget for students and staff.

Many in the lighting industry view the Magnilumen fluorescent retrofit kit as a game-changer. Replacing old, mercury-filled, high maintenance tube lights with Magnilumen is fast and easy. Learn more about it here.

Support from businesses across the country enables EEWV to increase its impact in the Mountain State. In turn, businesses such as ZLED can gain greater market share in the region. With a robust product line, ZLedLighting’s experienced representatives can help anyone with questions. Call (800) 679-9243 or visit them online.

Businesses looking to lower utility costs may be eligible for free energy assessments from EEWV by becoming a member. Many businesses may qualify for significant rebates from utility companies and assistance from the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program.


Florescent 32 watts x 10 hours a day/1000 @ .10 per kwhr x 365yr = $12yr

T12 115w x 10 hours a day/1000 @ .10 per kwhr x 365yr  =  $42yr

Magnilumen 50w x 10 hours a day/1000 @ .10 per kwhr x 365yr  = $18.25yr